Chris Cacioppe

UI Design & Art Direction

My role at Discovr.

Pushed into the deep end. I picked up some valuable experience in many areas.

Simplifing the survey generation process.

Making tools designed for everyday use is hard. It requires hours of reseach, development, and laser focus.

Need a designer?

Design, consulting or coding. Big job or small. I'm always happy to help.

A better display home experience.

Creating a personal and unique tool for the clients of a luxury home builder.

Enterprise is slow, we needed a new game-plan.

As a new start-up, Floq was having a hard time gaining traction. We made changes which blossomed to new opportunities.

Experiment. Collaborate. Improve.

Constantly prototyping, I'm always trying to better my work. With every decision I ask ‘Is this the simplest approach?’.